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Another option your dentist may consider when you have damaged or decayed teeth is to restore them using an inlay or an onlay. Inlays are used to fill areas between the cusps of the tooth, whereas an onlay is used to fix a damaged cusp.

Do I Need an Inlay or a Filling?

Your dentist will decide if it’s better to use an inlay or an onlay, depending on the damage. When small holes are present in the teeth, they are easily fixed with a filling; however, when the damage between the cusps is more severe, they will likely need an inlay instead. The procedure for fitting an inlay differs from a dental filling as it requires the use of a solid piece fabricated in the dental lab to fit the space perfectly.

The Use of Onlays and Crowns

Onlays are typically used when only a single tooth cusp is damaged. When the damage is more severe and affects more than one cusp, a crown may be used instead.

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