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Oral Surgery in Saint John

An oral surgeon performs surgical procedures on the teeth, gums, and jaws, such as implants, gum grafts, tooth extractions and jaw surgeries. There are several types of surgeons that may perform oral surgery, including a maxillofacial surgeon and a periodontist.

Types of Oral Surgery

One of the most common procedures performed by an oral surgeon is a root canal. These procedures are relatively straightforward and performed to clear an infection and save the natural tooth. Extractions are also common when a tooth has suffered from extensive damage due to infection or decay.

Do You Need to See an Oral Surgeon?

Your dentist can do most oral surgery procedures, such as straightforward root canals and extractions, in the clinic. However, in situations where you may need gum grafting or complex tooth removal, they will work with a specialist so you receive the care you need.

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