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Dental Hygiene Appointments in Saint John

When food particles become trapped between your teeth and gums, they create plaque, which hardens into tartar and affects the integrity of your teeth. Dental hygiene is essential for the health of your teeth and gums, and we recommend visiting your dental hygienist at least once a year for a professional teeth cleaning.

What to Expect at Your Dental Hygiene Appointment

Your dental hygienist will use special tools to remove the hardened tartar from your teeth. It’s important to remove the tartar regularly as it can cause inflammation and irritation of the gums. Bacteria build-up can also weaken the gums, and continued accumulation of tartar under the gums can cause periodontitis, causing your gums to recede.

Caring for Your Teeth at Home

While routine hygiene appointments can help keep stubborn tartar at bay, we recommend following good hygiene practices at home as part of your daily routine. Brush your teeth twice a day using quality fluoride toothpaste. Always floss before bedtime to remove food particles that are trapped between the teeth and gums.

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